LAO LAW & CONSULTANCY is the only Lao legal firm which offers a full range of legal services.

LAO LAW & CONSULTANCY was the only legal firm in Laos to receive a Golden Award 2005 from the Lao Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Such awards are made to outstanding companies and businesses in the Lao PDR and are confined to the private sector of the economy. The 2005 awards also marked the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of the Lao PDR and so had additional significance.

Over 50,000 domestic and international companies and businesses in Lao PDR were eligible for these awards, and, of these just 87 were so honored. 

The award to LAO LAW & CONSULTANCY was in recognition of corporate excellence in the field of law.

LAO LAW & CONSULTANCY was established in 1998. Our company handles all matters with care and delivers the best outcomes possible to our clients with minimal delay. That is why, from our modest beginning, as LAO LAW & CONSULTANCY has grown to be one of the leading legal entities in Laos and its FIRST qualified legal firm.

One of our main objectives is to “deliver complete satisfaction to our clients”. To achieve this, our avenues of communication are always open to our clients. We always welcome and value client feedback. Should there be any aspect of our services of concern to our clients, they are more than welcome to raise the matter with any of our staff. Or if preferred, clients can discuss their concerns directly with the Executive Manager of the company.

We have sound and longstanding relations with government departments and agencies and can act as agents, intermediaries or facilitators in assisting clients in dealing with such bodies.

Should you wish to discuss any matter relating to our services, please do not hesitate to contact any of us in our company.
Our company hopes to be of assistance in the near future. We look forward to working closely with you and your organization.

LLC and its associates provides the legal services in Cambodia and Myanmar.


Prime Minister Congratulated Lao Law &
Consultancy Group for Winning
the Golden Award

Minister of Planing & Investment Presented the Golden Award to Lao Law & Consultancy Group



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